How to Wash a Weighted Blanket [in 6 Steps]

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After a long, tiring day, one thing that every person calls for is a good night’s sleep. And, no doubt, weighted blankets offer the same level of comfort and warmth that we expect every time we slip into our bed. These blankets are known to relieve everyday stress and anxiety so that everyone can enjoy the much-needed relaxation they deserve. However, there is one thing that always bothers the users of a weighted blanket and i.e. how to wash it. Since weighted blankets, as the name suggests, are heavy blankets, many people find it complicated to wash them without compromising its original quality and comfort.

Well, here are some useful guidelines and tips that will help you easily wash your cozy, snugly weighted blanket and retain its freshness.

Tips When Washing a Weighted Blanket

Consider the Size

Weighted blankets that weigh around 10 lbs can be washed in a front-loading machine without center agitator. However, all the weighted blankets that weigh over 12 lbs should be washed and dried in commercial washers and dryers. Deliberately washing heavier blankets at home can harm the balance of your machine by putting more strain on its mechanisms. This may also tear the blanket, which is certainly not desirable.

Know the Fabric and Filling

Quite obviously, how you should wash your blanket will largely depend on its filling and fabric material. For example, some blankets are dry-clean or spot-clean only, which means you cannot put them in a washing machine. Doing so may ruin the fabric or pellets inside. Here are a few general guidelines on how to wash weighted blankets made of different fabrics.

  • Cotton Blankets: Weighted blankets made of breathable cotton material and glass micro-beads are usually machine-washable and dryer-safe. You can wash them in warm or cold water. It is recommended to tumble dry them on low/medium heat or line dry.
  • Satin Blankets: Blankets made of soft satin material or other minky fabric should be washed alone with cold water. Line-drying is often recommended for satin blankets as tumble-drying may damage or weaken the fibers. Never use fabric softeners on satin blankets.
  • Bamboo Blankets: Just like cotton blankets, bamboo weighted blankets are also machine-washable and dryer-safe. They can be washed with cold or warm water and mild detergent. Is is important to note that bamboo weighted blankets can feel stiff when damp. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to use fabric softener or dryer sheets. The fabric will soften after drying.
  • Waterproof Blankets: These blankets should be washed alone with warm or hot water. You can line dry these blankets or tumble dry them on low heat. You should never dry waterproof weighted blankets on high temperature. Moreover, harsh chemicals such as bleach, vinegar and oxy products should strictly be avoided.

Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

While it’s good to have knowledge on different fabric materials and how to take care of them, you should never avoid manufacturer’s cleaning instructions on how to treat and wash your weighted blanket. These instructions can be found on the tags that come attached with the blanket. These tags also mention the material of your blanket and any special care required to keep it in good shape. So, before stepping into your laundry room, make sure to read them.

Wash Outer Layer and Inner Layer Separately

If you always keep a cover on, you may not always need to wash the inner weighted section which requires extra care. You can simply remove this extra layer and put in a washing machine with other linens. Make sure to zip it back in order to prevent any damage to zipper edges during washing. However, if you do need to wash the weighted section due to spotting or staining, consider washing it separately. If there are no stains either on the cover or inner weighted layer, a gentle machine wash in warm water is sufficient to regain its shine.

Removing Stains

Always use a mild stain remover or detergent that is bleach-free and hypoallergenic. You may find several stain removers in the market that are specifically designed for fabrics. If the blanket has got a tough greasy spot that doesn’t seem to go away with general stain removers, then try treating them with dish soap. Make sure to use fragrance-free, non-chlorinated dish soap to avoid ruining your lovely blanket.

6 Steps to Wash a Weighted Blanket

If you are not sure whether you can safely wash and dry the blanket in the washing machine, then consider washing it yourself. Here is how to hand wash the weighted blanket:

  1. Add mild laundry detergent in a tub filled with cold or warm water. The detergent should not be too harsh on the fabric. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach as they can damage the fabric and filling.
  2. Submerge the blanket completely in water for even soap coverage and thorough cleansing. Rub the blanket gently on the areas that are spotted and stained.
  3. After thoroughly rinsing your blanket in the tub filled with soapy water, add clean water and rinse the blanket again. Keep adding clean water until the rinsing water comes clean and no soap residue is left on the blanket.
  4. In order to remove excess water from the blanket, roll it tightly. Do not wring the blanket as this could deform its shape or redistribute its weight. Rolling can be done repeatedly to disperse the water.
  5. To dry the blanket completely, hang it over a line in the sun while making sure it is properly supported and evenly spread out.
  6. Keep shaking the blanket every 30 minutes to evenly distribute the weight.

It is recommended to handwash your weighted blanket every two to three months to retain its comfort and goodness.

Just like any other homeware, weighted blankets also need some level of maintenance to last longer. Hopefully, these tips will help you easily wash your weighted blanket so that you can enjoy its calming and therapeutic benefits for several years to come.

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