3 Best Organic Weighted Blankets for Eco-Friendliness

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Learn what makes a weighted blanket organic, which ones to buy and why you should consider buying one over a standard weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets are becoming increasingly popular these days due to the therapeutic benefits they come with. The deep pressure they provide offers a great level of comfort which calms the nervous system and helps relieve stress and anxiety. These blankets are made from a number of materials such as cotton, bamboo, fleece and more.

Although all these materials seem to be organic and some people find it safe to say that they have an organic weighted blanket, the reality is otherwise. So, what makes an organic weighted blanket truly organic and why should you choose them? Well, this post tries to put some light on the same.

Comparing the Options

  1. SOMNOS Organic Weighted Blanket with Advanced Air-Circulating Design
  2. LUNA Weighted Blanket – Organic Cooling Cotton & Premium Glass Beads
  3. Ourea Weighted Blanket – Breathable Cotton and Glass Beads

What is an Organic Weighted Blanket?

An organic weighted blanket is made out of sustainably milled all-natural fibers. More specifically speaking, these blankets are made of certified organic materials that need to meet more rigorous standards, such as Organic Cotton.

So, it is more likely to do with organic farming. This means if the blanket is labeled as organic, the primary fabric used in it has been produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. The organic fibers are grown without the use of toxic materials, chemical pesticides, GMO’s and defoliants. Moreover, the sustainable farming practices used to grow these fibers do not pollute soil, groundwater, surface water or ecosystem.

However, this is to be noted that organic weighted blankets may still use glass or poly-based products as filler materials. Some blankets that claim to be 100% organic may use organic weighted insert or plant-based resin beads. Before you buy any weighted organic blanket, don’t forget to refer to the product details to be sure exactly what materials the blanket is made of.

Since organic farming takes more time to produce crops than conventional farming, organic weighted blankets are usually more expensive than non-organic range.

Why Organic Weighted Blankets Are in Trend

They are Good for Earth

Organic weighted blankets are good for the planet. Since the primary fabric used in it is produced through sustainable farming methods, there is no land or water contamination. People who care about the environment usually opt for organic weighted blankets.

They are Soft and Smooth

Since organic fabrics have less contact with harsh chemicals, they are extremely soft to touch. With no chemical processing involved, the weave of the fabric remains consistently soft even after regular washing. This means they are more durable as well.

They are Cleaner

The organic crops are picked by hand which provides a cleaner product. Moreover, no harsh additives are used. Taking the example of organic cotton, it is cleaned using hot water and plant-based cleaners instead of chemicals.

They are Hypoallergenic

Organic weighted blankets are hypoallergenic because they are made of all-natural fibers. Skin sensitivity or allergy is usually caused because of the chemicals used during the processing of products. Since organic blankets use materials that are chemical free, they help resist allergens.

Organic weighted blankets are a good option in the market if you want to have a more soothing experience. While their high price tags may put you off for a moment, the ultimate comfort you experience will really be worth your investment.

The 3 Best Organic Weighted Blankets

1. SOMNOS Organic Weighted Blanket with Advanced Air-Circulating Design

Somnos weighted blanket

The first in our list is the SOMNOS organic blanket. Available in 6 different weights and sizes ranging from Twin to King.

Weighted blankets are usually filled with poly pellets (plastic), however the SOMNOS uses glass-sand beads removing plastic altogether. This creates a quite blanket and won’t make unnecessary noise when moving it about.

With built in air channels and the use of breathable fabrics, the Somnos allows you to keep cool but also feel the benefits of DPT which weighted blankets offer. A reviewer has commented how the blanket kept them cool and didn’t make them overheat.

Where to buy the SOMNOS:

Check the latest price on Amazon.

2. LUNA Weighted Blanket – Organic Cooling Cotton & Premium Glass Beads

Luna organic weighted blanket

The LUNA blanket comes with well over 2,000 reviews and is the most popular choice on our list.

Coming in a large variety of colors and sizes, including stripes, the LUNA is a great all-round choice if you’re looking for an organic weighted blanket.

By using 100% organic cotton the LUNA is able to create a super soft feel and light feel, but adding the weight by using hypoallergenic glass beads. 400 thread count makes is breathable to offset any overheating concerns.

With a 100 day refund policy you can’t go too far wrong with the LUNA.

A reviewer has advised that after purchasing the LUNA it helped greatly with insomnia and anxiety by offering light, soft fabric but still offering enough weight.

Where to buy the LUNA:

Check the latest price on Amazon.

3. Ourea Weighted Blanket Adults – Breathable Cotton with Glass Beads

Ourea weighted blanket

The Ourea is a great economical choice not costing a fortune with great organic properties. Make with 100% organic Egyptian cotton the Ourea creates a soft blanket which wraps around you for the ultimate sleep experience.

Using a “7 layer system” stops any of the glass beads from getting out, so your safe in the knowledge this blanket should withstand the test of time.

Available with a massive range of colors from purple, blue, grey, red and more, the Ourea offers good value for money. The sizes are sometimes sold out so make sure to check what color you’re after.

Anti-static and breathable the Ourea will have all your weighted blanket boxes ticked.

A reviewer has commented that after trying sleeping pills and still couldn’t sleep, the Ourea worked like a dream and they had the best night’s sleep in a while.

Another has commented that it’s great value for money and has good build quality with the glass beads spread out evenly through the blanket.

Where to buy the Ourea:

Check the latest price on Amazon.

Organic Weighted Blankets: Good for the Planet and Sleep

For eco-warriors like myself, an organic weighted blanket not only has lots of health benefits but also limits the impact on the planet.

All made with organic cotton and using glass beads instead of plastic, there’s no need to feel guilty about looking after you… for whatever reason you’re looking for a weighted blanket.

If our top 3 organic weighted blankets aren’t for you, feel free to look around until you find one suitable for your needs.

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